IABG Teleport reaches out to NGO´s

Successful humanitarian projects rely on coordination and communication across the whole supply chain, from local offices to corporate headquarters and all the moving parts in between. Limited connectivity infrastructure poses a challenge to achieving the missions disaster relief and aid organizations especially in underdeveloped, rural areas. This is why internet connectivity is such a vital asset to humanitarian work in Africa.

With it’s networks and coverages across Africa and the Middle East region, IABG Teleport is able to provide a services ranging from including

  • back up connectivity to
  • high throughput links to
  • private supraregional pool networks for hundreds of remote locations


Together with our partner SES we are currently conducting an information campaign, reaching out to NGO´s across the African continent, to explain and illustrate the benefits of VSAT services.

For more information, please visit www.vsat4ngo.com



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