IABG Teleport expands its service portfolio for MENA and Sub Sahara Africa

IABG Teleport now offers data services on ABS 3a

ABS3a, with its MENA beam, covers the whole of North Africa. In cooperation with ABS the uplink comes out of CYTA Teleport on a 7,3 m antenna. iDirect services are available, and links to UHP or Newtec can also be implemented at any time.
„Especially for the region of Libya/Chad/Niger, we regularly received requests for which we could not find a fully convincing solution. With ABS3a we can now o—ffer ideal coverage for us there and it complements our portfolio for the entire West African region excellently. We can also o—ffer very competitive prices,“ says Arnd Killmer, Senior Sales Director at IABG Teleport. ABS3a MENA is also a very coherent addition to the network‘s already available footprint on ABS2 MENA.

On all satellites we offer our proven iDirect Evolution service for all common iDirect modems.



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