VSAT for NGOs:

Connectivity where it´s crucial

VSAT for NGOs - Always and everywhere when it is crucial

When it comes to doing humanitarian work, close communication is key to successful coordination between local teams, supply chains, and headquarters. Limitations in connectivity infrastructure can be an obstacle to staying connected, especially in developing countries and remote regions.

This is why internet connectivity is such a vital asset to humanitarian work in Africa. Communicating and accessing data by purely digital means has become an everyday routine, and even more necessary with lock downs and travel bans in place. Satellite-enabled connectivity enables communication and access to digital resources anywhere in the world.

Reliability is critical when you need to stay connected in situations of crisis or in remote areas in need. We can extend connectivity to your missions across Africa with VSAT (very small satellite aperture).

Effective as a tool for reliable communication, VSAT is:

  • Small and easy to install anywhere in the world
  • Easy to use and backed by expert customer support
  • Advanced technology and capabilities
  • Affordable and tailorable to your mission needs
  • High-performing, reliable, and stable
Humanitarian work has specialized needs. We will work closely with you to create tailored, one-stop solutions so you can focus on achieving your missions.
  • Coverage
    Thanks to SES’s satellite fleet and the worldwide VSAT coverage, VSAT connectivity can be installed anywhere in the world, wherever you need it.
  • Fast and unbureaucratic support
    Due to the flat and unbureaucratic hierarchies within our organization, we can react to your needs quickly and flexibly.
  • Flexible terms
    We are aware of the partial volatile nature of humanitarian work. That’s why we offer ad hoc and short-term services in addition to our long-term services.
  • 24/7 technical support hotline
    Our customers have direct 24/7/365 access to our English and German highly skilled technical support teams.
  • Worldwide service network
    We provide fast and efficient on-site service, even in remote areas. By partnering you with a local organization, we ensure that more value is directly added into the economies of the developing countries and regions you serve. IABG Teleport has an active network of more than 150 local field engineers, qualified to provide installation and maintenance of VSAT remote sites.
  • Reliable and stable communication
    We facilitate reliable and widely available service. This is made possible through our wholly owned teleport, with 18 Uplink Antennas, UPS and AC protected operation infrastructure, state of the art modem and HUB technologies and multiple internet backbone connectivity.
  • State of the art technology
    With its low latency from our teleport to the public internet, flexible bandwidth and reliable connectivity, VSAT enables internet based capabilities anywhere in the world. This includes typical use cases such as optimized cloud access, prioritization of relevant applications like video conferences, and more.

For more information why IABG Teleport and SES are the right partners for your organization and missions watch the video and learn more about how satellite connectivity contributes to humanitarian projects around the globe.

Further Information

We’re here to be a partner in achieving your missions. To learn more about how IABG Teleport and SES Networks can strengthen your organization with satellite solutions, request further information.



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